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My Journey Into The World of Quilting

Greetings, and welcome to my cozy spot! My name is Marcia and I love to create things with my hands and bring smiles to the faces of my friends and family... I first began sharing smiles back in 2008 (well, I hope I was sharing smiles before then, but this is where I am starting this story! LOL). My mom wanted to take me and my sister-in-law on a cruise. My sister-in-law had been into clowning since a young age and over the years, she had gotten my mom to start doing some clowning along with her. Well, they both decided they wanted to go on a "Clown Cruise" - they told me that I didn't have to do the clown stuff if I didn't want to. Of course I said, "Well, why would I go on a clown cruise and not do any of the clowning stuff!? It sounds like fun!" So my alter ego, Flutterby, was born!

Flutterby, Liberty Belle (my mom) & Penelope (my SIL)
We had the best time on that cruise, and I met so many wonderful people! I was fortunate b/c I got to learn some of my clowning "skills" from some masters of the craft! People who were some of the "original" clowns for Wringling Brothers (Jim Howle, Earl Cheney, & Wayne Scott), from the man who was the very first ever "talking" Ronald McDonald (Earl). I also had my custom clown face designed by Jim Howle - who is also a renowned clown artist! My clown shoes were hand made by none other than Wayne Scott... Truly blessed and every time I look at the pictures, it brings true joy to my heart! You can learn more about Capatiller Characters <--by clicking there...

Shortly after I returned from that cruise, I proposed to my partner of three years! Fortunately, the reply was "YES"! Thus began the planning for our wedding... If anyone has gotten married before, then they already know how expensive things are! I have always considered myself a crafty person, so I began to make all the invitations myself by hand. Then I decided I would do all of the flowers and center pieces for the tables. Eventually it came time to look at pricing for cakes... WHAT!? Are you kidding me? After my first consultation, I decided it was time to learn how to do cakes myself! My mom used to decorate cakes when I was a kid, so I had a little bit of experience from watching her... Since then I have made cakes for some of my friends - both birthday cakes and wedding cakes. That was when I decided to name my baking venture, Capatiller Cakes.

Finally, I have always LOVED quilts. The love and passion stitched into each and every one of them is such a great story! I had always wanted to buy some, but the great ones were always so expensive... And I never really had to money to buy the ones I loved. My mom nor my grandma never quilted, so I didn't have family to teach me... So my desire to learn how to do it myself sort of fell by the way side for MANY years!

Last year, my assistant at work began talking about some of the things she was making for her grand-children we started talking more about it. I found out the she was a quilter! This sparked my interest in quilting again... I began searching online for a beginner quilting class. I even convinced my assistant to go and take the class with me! That was October 2013. We had a lot of fun - and well, as quilters know, I was struck by the quilting bug! I am COMPLETELY addicted! And I have been going non-stop ever since!

A friend of mine on Facebook saw some of the pictures I was posting, and she commissioned me to create a quilt for her partner! She wanted a memory quilt for the 4 running races her partner had completed last year to give to her as a Christmas gift. I had so much fun making that quilt! I quilted it with little sneaker footprints, I used a fabulous fabric that had footprints all of it for the backing... I was told to use bright fluorescent colors, any except pink! I was sent a handful of pictures from each race, and the bibs worn in each race... This was what I came up with:

Eventually, the more I learned about the quilting world, the more I realized that not all quilters are on Facebook. So I realized that I was potentially missing a large part of my audience! That was when I decided to begin blogging (April 2014). I want to thank you for dropping by and spending a little time with me! I hope to bring you smiles and maybe even help to inspire you! If I am successful, PLEASE let me know! It truly would be a great joy to hear if anything I have posted has helped to inspire you or bring a smile to your face!

Until next time my quilty friends ~ PIECE!

Marcia }|{

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  1. That cake is amazing, and I never knew there was such a thing as a 'Clown Cruise'! Sounds like an incredible experience. Have you made a clown themed quilt at all?