Thursday, May 8, 2014

Tiny Spaces

 I like to consider myself a crafty and innovative person! And reading through many blogs and online groups/communities - I know that people are always looking for ways to do things easier - so am I!

One of the biggest problems (for me anyway), is trying to figure out how to work on those full-size - even Queen / King size quilts - like how the heck to you BASTE it when not only do you have NO extra room in your house - not even a single spot on the floor large enough to spread a quilt of that size out!

I came across a few tutorial videos about "wall-basting". I thought, "WOW! This is my answer!" WRONG! My house is so small, I don't even have a single WALL big enough to baste a Q/K size quilt on b/c any decent size room in my house needs a door, right? And of course the door is right in the middle of the wall thus eliminating any spans of good usable wall space for basting a quilt!

My dining room - notice all the doors... UGH!

Well, recently I turned on of our bedrooms into a ginormous walk-in-closet! What woman can't use one of those, right!? In doing so, I used some of those "ClosetMaid"  organizer thingys to add shelving and rods without the need to drill tons of holes into my walls...

You probably have a great design wall in your craft room, right!? Most quilters do - well, being that I am also new to quilting, I didn't have a great design wall yet... I love the idea of those insulation boards/panels and putting batting on them - so I had an epiphany! I hope you like my idea!

This link will take you to my Facebook page where with each picture I give a description/instructions on my process...And how I was able to turn that dining room in the picture above into THIS:

All I do now is slide my table over - move my fabulous new moveable design wall panels from my sewing room and hang them in my dining room - and they straddle my doors - so I can now baste that Q/K size quilt on a smaller than 6' wide wall!And then when I am done, I can take it all back down again and still enjoy a dining room...

What innovative ideas have helped you through the quilting process??? Do you have any ideas that you came up with that may help and want to share??? Please leave me your thoughts and comments below! And if you love my idea and use it, please share pictures with me! I'd love to know if this idea helps you out at all! And as always, please link back to me so others can find my tutorial as well!

Until next time my quilty friends ~ PIECE!

Marcia }|{


  1. Unfortunately, I was unaware that Google+ was so limiting when I set my account to use it... When I changed the setting to make my blog more universal, all previous comments were lost... :-( My apologies! Hopefully there will be no issues going forward!

  2. Very Cool, Marcia...quite a way to be innovative!