Tuesday, April 29, 2014

What!? How did I get here???

Wait! What!? This is a blog site... I don't have one of those... How did I get here!?

So, something I have noticed that is quite common in the "craft" world, is that many people have a blog... I have tried for a really long time to not spread myself out into ALL the social media sites and have tried to stick with just one - unfortunately, not everyone uses social media, so I am realizing that I may be missing a large part of the population who may appreciate some of my work and ideas!

So after a long time of NOT going "public" - here I am! Public! We can call this my "Coming Out Party" for all the world to see... I am happy you have found me, and I hope you enjoy what I have to offer in my little space here on the blogosphere... I eagerly await your input and correspondence!

}|{ Marcia

Let me share just a little sample of some of my work ~ more can be found on my Show & Share Tab!

This is a self-designed turtle rag quilt. It was my VERY first
completed quilt. I designed the layout of the turtle shell to be
true to the shape an actual turtle shell. I had no clue what
I was getting into then - I didn't know what Y-seams were...

"Lilies for Linda" ~ I designed this
quilt for my mother... Obviously I was
influenced by JayBird Quilts "Science Fair"
Again - more Y-seams... What is wrong with me!?
Label on "Lilies for Linda"

"Making Strides" ~ my first charity
quilt. I made this one for a silent auction
to raise money for "Making Strides for
Breast Cancer". This is just the quilt top.

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I look forward to getting to know you all out here in the Blogging World!

Until next time my quilty friends ~ PIECE!

Marcia }|{

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  1. Unfortunately, I was unaware that Google+ was so limiting when I set my account to use it... When I changed the setting to make my blog more universal, all previous comments were lost... :-( My apologies! Hopefully there will be no issues going forward!